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Entertaining 45 million TV households every day is the basis of our success. This reach has enabled us to expand into digital entertainment and e-commerce with products that are all developed from state-of-the-art technology. Explore our way of working, the people behind the scenes, and the exciting technology that enables this strategy.

At ProSiebenSat.1 Tech Solutions, OKRs have become a key component of our way of working. They have helped us become more focused, aligned and agile. Over the past year, we have collected a lot of experience. In this blog article, we are sharing our top five learnings.

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Many highly successful firms operate with a focus on their customers. Why not apply this logic to the IT within the company? At ProSiebenSat.1 Tech Solutions, we are convinced a customer centric model comes with substantial benefits for our performance, our users, as well as our employees. We are driving the transformation consciously and at high pace. It’s about the radical re-definition of IT, ...

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We can only fascinate others if we are fascinated ourselves - which is why our own "fascinating people" are our most important asset. Exceptional people with extraordinary talents are working within ProSiebenSat.1. We aim to achieve outstanding performances in all areas of our company. And because we're always moving forward in the search for new challenges, we're looking for new members to add ...

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"connect. code. create."

That's what we stand for


Our company is formed from cross-functional teams that give us the agility we need as well as being a never-ending source of skills and ideas. This diversity allows us to learn from each other, to network across teams, and to celebrate together.


We are engineers: Technology is our passion, engagement is our daily fuel. Always focused on our business needs, we approach all challenges hands-on and with a result-oriented mindset. We are also constantly pushing our tech stack to the next level to make developing software easier and more fun.


Our technology enables best-in-class customer experiences and amazing products. This includes our completely-digital TV production and distribution chain, our video streaming services, and our e-commerce portals. These tech-driven products impact millions of consumers and drive the growth of ProSiebenSat.1.