Why flexible working or part-time models work well within the IT section of ProSiebenSat.1

by Julia Pieper / March 7th 2019

Julia Pieper, Senior Project Manager at ProSiebenSat.1 Tech Solutions, is working part-time for three years now. The mother of two children tells us why she opted for part-time employment and how ProSiebenSat.1 provides her with optimal support.

An increasing number of people are no longer concentrating on just the one job for over 40 years, but are looking for flexible working models to enjoy more of their leisure time, or to focus on things like child-care or taking care of their parents or relatives. Just like a lot of people will no longer work in the same job or for the same employer throughout their lives, a demand for different and flexible working options has also increased over recent years. With regards to this development in working patterns, more and more companies are responding to the employees’ needs, and at ProSiebenSat.1 there have also been a number of recent changes in this area.

I have worked part-time at ProSiebenSat.1 for three years now, of which more than one has been as a Senior Project Manager in IT. My opinion is that IT jobs in particular are very well-suited for part-time working models because of their diverse systemic advantages. When I started to plan my return from my second period of maternity leave, I wanted to come back part-time again because of my two young children. So, I carefully considered which part of the company would offer me the opportunity to work on interesting topics and tasks whilst still being part-time. I came to the conclusion that IT would suit me best. I have worked in this company for 12 years and am already familiar with a number of departments thanks to the various opportunities I have been given within this large, versatile company. ProSiebenSat.1 Tech Solutions interested me partly because of their variety of products and responsibility for the whole business but also because of the clear willingness of my managers to ensure that I was able to work in as responsible and challenging a role as possible as a part-time working mother.

You need to be highly efficient and organized in this kind of role, as you are working from anywhere in the company or even from your home. Personally, I like this style of working because of the confidence placed in me as well as the flexibility to arrange my work around my situation. For my particular role, we have agreed set days and times when I am to be in the office so that I can keep abreast of all the necessary information and be aware of the needs and dynamics of my team. However, the reality of combining this with two young children can be a little different on occasion and I really appreciate the option I have of working from home in the evening, or being able to finish something out of business hours, if need be. Personally, this enables me to be more efficient and have more freedom as well as reducing my work stress levels. Of course, a certain amount of trust is needed on both sides for this to work, but agreed outcomes and regular updates tend to show if you are on the right track, in my opinion.

Additionally, I am positively impressed that employees in part-time models also have the opportunity to achieve individual promotion or improve personal and business skills via training, workshops or e-learning. These opportunities ensure that we ‘part-timers’ do not feel like second-class employees.

Overall, I would say that there are various opportunities for each and every one’s working pattern needs to be met; the best advice I can give is to be confident and just ask! I am sure the best possible solution for both parties can then be found.